Innovative Nonprofit CRM that's ready to use

Civi-Go is CiviCRM as a service (SaaS) providing a powerful data management solution for nonprofits who are looking to better understand and make use of their data. It’s the easy way to use CiviCRM.


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Civi GO benefits

CiviCRM as a service

open source

Civi-Go is the best of CiviCRM that is Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. It's completely modifiable. You own your system and there is no vendor lock-in.

The Best of CiviCRM

We routinely test and compile the most useful CiviCRM functionality has to offer to ensure a smooth and feature-rich user experience.

Quick Start

With Civi-Go any organization can start using CiviCRM straight away without additional setup. It's pre-configured and ready to go. Want to take it further? It's totally customizable according to your needs.

Fully Managed

Civi-Go is a hosted, monitored and maintained service by our expert technical team. We have a systematic CiviCRM maintenance plan to keep the system performing seamlessly.

Civi-Go Plans

Manage your data with ease

Civi-Go is a leading provider in CiviCRM SaaS Hosting. We’ve been hosting CiviCRM since 2010 and have scaled to supporting hundreds of organizations including NGOs, Medical associations, universities, federations and UN departments.

Why Civi-Go? Powering your organization with this service is the hassle-free way to harness the power of CiviCRM, without the hosting, administration and maintenance overhead.

By using Civi-Go, it provides the opportunity for your organization to start using CiviCRM quickly and easily. You will have everything you need in one platform to take your organization’s to new levels thru effective constituent management and outreach.

And when you need a helping hand, we have a dedicated, expert-level CiviCRM support team to help you achieve your goals. In total, we provide end-to-end support from hosting, maintenance, support and development to help you focus on your mission.

Try our CiviCRM demo

We have a public demo of Civi-Go that you can test out. Envision the opportunities CiviCRM can unlock for your organization.