Civi-Go is a Software as a Service (also known as SaaS) for CiviCRM. This service allows any organization to start using CiviCRM in just a few steps. Civi-Go is the hassle-free way to harness the power of CiviCRM without the hosting and administration overhead. This provides your organization a cornerstone tool on rock-solid infrastructure so you can focus on advancing your mission.

Civi-Go CiviCRM performance

Amazingly Fast

We use Ultra Fast SSD disks for the database. Our infrastructure is optimized for performance. You will be able to work with your contacts incredibly fast no matter the size of your database.

Civi-Go CiviCRM data security

Your data is protected

We make daily backup copies of your database, files and all your information. Communications with our server are encrypted with SSL security certificates.

Unlimited users and contacts

Civi-Go puts no limits on contacts or users so you can empower staff and countless volunteers advance your mission. You won't outgrow or be confined with arbitrary limits here.

Civi-Go CiviCRM managed updates and monitoring

Managed system

Our expert infrastructure department will monitor your CiviCRM installation to ensure it is always working properly. We manage a stable release of CiviCRM unique to Civi-Go ensuring bugs are minimized. We take care of CiviCRM's periodic security updates, extension updates and other server maintenance.

Why choose Civi-Go?

Data centers

Our datacenters have the latest technology and fulfill the PCI 
DDSS and Safe Harbour standards.

Email sending platform

Our bulk mailing service is based on the platform Sendgrid. We monitor deliverability so your messages continue to land in your supporters inboxes.

Daily redundant backups

We run daily backups of both databases and files. Previous 14 days worth of backups are available in the need of a restoration. We use two distinct providers for backups.


The firewall is configured so that it blocks any suspicious connection and/or suspicious IP within an hour.

SSL Certificates

All web sites are restricted to HTTPS access using SSL 128/256 Bits encryption SSL certificate.

Active monitoring

The servers, the network and services of Civi-Go are constantly monitored using platforms such as New Relic and Pingdom.

Security updates

Our team updates CiviCRM and Drupal with the latest security patches.

Management of email reputation

We control your reputation of email sending to avoid your domain getting on email provider blacklists or spam filtering.

Try our CiviCRM demo

We have a public demo of Civi-Go that you can test out. Envision the opportunities CiviCRM can unlock for your organization